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"Bebop Bebop" - Edward

A Cowboy Bebop Icon Contest

Cowboy Bebop Icon Contest
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Cowboy Bebop Icon Contest
Welcome to bebop_icontest a Cowboy Bebop lyrical icon contest, each week a song of the winners choice will be chosen. Then you, the icon maker, will choose which lyric(s) (as little or as much as you want) from that song you would like to use in your icon. The icon itself can be created using a screencap, a scan, or even a googled image, its all up to you.

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General Rules
1. Only submit one icon per contest.
2. Your submissions must remain anonymous. This means you cannot use your icon or post it anywhere till the voting period is over.
3. No voting for yourself.
4. Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards (100x100).

1. At the beginning of each contest I will make a post where you can reply with your submission. Comments will be screened so the only people who can see your submission are you and me.
2. You will need a host that allows remote linking. Geocities/angelfire/tripod won't work. However, photobucket is a decent free image host that allows remote linking. Many icon makers use it.
3. When responding with your submission, please include the img src and url versions like this:

4. And Finally post icons on the entry with the lyrics used for the weeks contest.

Submission deadline! Friday night

1. The icons will be up to vote for on Friday night.
2. You will have till Sunday evening to vote.
3. Winners will be announced and the new contest will begin Sunday night.

set #1
set #2

Thats pretty much it, have fun making your icon, if you have any questions contact Chris adventurous or Emily araceli_maura. Thanks to quebelly for the rule format.

ATTENTION! Direct posting access is for mods only! Direct posting access means you can post entries, only mods post entries, you can still comment without direct posting access. Thank you

Hey members, we recently realized that there arent that many places to get Cowboy Bebop screencaps on the internet, so if worse comes to worst, you can ask us (the mods) to screencap for you. If you have an idea of what you want (i.e. Episode, character, moment) e-mail or comment on our journals. Thanks!

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